New Mithras frescoes in Syria

Mike Aquilina sends me word of an exciting find in Syria:

Syrian Archaeologists: Rare 3rd Century Frescos Undergoing Restoration at Hama Museum 
By H. Sabbagh     

Syria (Hama) – A group of experts from Poland are currently working to restore a number of rare frescos dating back to the 3rd century AD at the Hama Museum laboratory.

According to Director of the Hama Archaeology Directorate Abdelkader Ferzat, the frescos are murals that came from the temple of Mithras in the site of Horta hill in Apamea.

Ferzat said that the frescos were found in previous excavation seasons and were transported to Hama Museum along with their fragments and broken pieces where they were preserved for the purpose of studying and restoring them later.

He said that the Polish experts are currently using special techniques to repait and restore the frescos, which will be displayed later in the museum.

And look at these gorgeous colour images!

Syria fresco image of Mithras in a tauroctony

The main figure to the left is Cautes, the torchbearer.  The figure with the radiate crown must be Sol.  Mithras himself is holding a golden arrow — a sun-beam.  Damage has obliterated the bull.

I hope there are more images of this.  The vibrant colours make such a change from those cold white sculptures that we all know.


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