Eusebius update

All the corrections to the proof of Eusebius: Gospel problems and solutions were entered on the PDF as stickys a week or so ago.  I’m quite impressed, actually, by Acrobat as a tool for collaborative editing.

The remaining issue is a chunk of text in the Coptic.  The problem is that the manuscript is damaged.  However the translator feels that a chunk close to the end is in fact Eusebian, although it does not say so.  She would like me to add this as a new fragment, enter the Coptic text, plus some extra wording.  The format of the latter is rather different to anything else in the book.  I’m very reluctant to do something like this at this stage.  Hum.  I suspect it isn’t that much, tho.  I will consider this a bit.  The less the typesetter has to do, the better.

The book is showing up on as well, and finding its way through the distribution channels.  Today I had someone write demanding a free copy.  Luckily I don’t have to reply to say that it hasn’t been published yet.

I also need to do something about the cover and logo.   I wasn’t that happy with the output from the design company I used, so I need to find someone else.  In addition I need to work out what to supply to Lightning Source for the cover.  This I’ll do once I have turned round the PDF. 

Lots to do!  But we’re really very close now.


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