Griechische Kalender: the four calendars published by Franz Boll

I’ve now uploaded PDF’s of four ancient Greek calendars to  All were edited by Franz Boll, and published in Sitzungsberichte der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, Philosophisch-Historische Klasse, vols 1 (1910), 2 (1911), 4 (1913) and 5 (1914).  Here are the links:

Franz Boll, who edited them, died in 1924, so these are all well out of copyright everywhere.

The important one for our purposes is the Calendar of Antiochus of Athens.  Looking at it, all the entries are astronomical, and concerned with the risings and settings of constellations.  I didn’t see any other kind of entry.  The notice on 25 December — “Birth of the sun.  The light increases” — has no significance, I think, except for the astrological one.  It certainly is not a witness to the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, therefore.

4 thoughts on “Griechische Kalender: the four calendars published by Franz Boll

  1. Thanks for the Calendars (and going to all that trouble…)
    These various Academy Acts are the ‘proverbial pain’ because usually so difficult to track down, or name too cumbersome to fit on the request-slip, or year/year of publication don’t match, or, or…
    Anyway, thanks.
    PS The almost non-existent index vol. to PG is on (spelling sic!)- may not be there for long to judge from other things they (shouldn’t) have. But you prob. know that already. w.

  2. Hi Walter,

    I’ve had trouble with them too. ILL’s are almost always a waste of time.

    I couldn’t find anything at except the front page. Where do I look?

  3. Sorry! I even got the spelling wrong myself…
    Try Google, the link that includes “Fathers” – I
    think it’s the first sub-link (the main link is
    in Arabic).

  4. Spelling still wrong — ixoyc — but a google search for does find it. The Fathers2 page contains loads of books, some public domain and some bootleg. Thank you — I shall investigate!

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