From my diary

I find it convenient to use Google mail for my email, mainly because of its excellent spam filtering.  But it is also an advantage that it is online wherever I am.  However I do want to hold a local copy which I can backup, and I have recently installed Mozilla Thunderbird for this purpose.  It required quite a bit of setup to get it to store its files in the place where I could copy them.

One advantage of this is that, when I download messages received and sent since the last download, I get an idea of how busy I am.  Today I sent or received 43 emails at that account.

No wonder I never have any time.

I wonder how many of us made new year’s resolutions.  I seem to have forgotten to.  Instead I’ve been too busy scrabbling to earn a living.  But our lives are very short.  5% of the year 2011 is already gone. 

I need to schedule some things which store up sunshine and happiness in my soul.  It is so fatally easy to march from one urgency to another!


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