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Odds and ends today.

I was thinking again about Severian of Gabala, and the glowing prose that he wrote.  I must do something about getting more of his stuff into English.  There’s a bunch of homilies in Armenian, which might be attacked; and intermingled with them, some by Eusebius of Emesa.  The one sermon of the latter that I encountered was really good!  It was translated by Solomon Caesar Malan, an oriental prodigy who appears as a character in Tugwell’s Remniscences of Oxford.

Someone has kindly sent me an article about the sermon by John Chrysostom, Quod nemo laeditur (CPG 4400, PG 52 459-480, SC 103), written from exile.  The article also gives “BHG 488d” as a reference — I wonder what that is! *  The article discusses a fragment of a Coptic version.  The letters of Chrysostom don’t exist in English, as far as I know, aside from selections.  They’re probably too lengthy for me.  They would be a good choice for some monastic translator, tho.

Into town, and at the library I ordered Festugiere’s La Reveletion d’Hermes Trismegiste, vol. 3.  The appendix 2 to this contains a French translation of Porphyry Ad Gaurum.  Let’s see if it can be run into English.

The new John Maddox Roberts “SPCK XIII” novel has arrived — or rather, I was able to collect it from the Royal Mail depot this morning.  This afternoon I shall consume it!  I don’t have nearly enough escapist literature available to me, sadly.

* Apparently BHG is Bibliotheca Hagiographica Graeca, and there is a BHL for the Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina Antiqua et Mediae Aetatis.  If it includes letters of Chrysostom, it must be an index to all sorts of works by all the saints.


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  1. Actually, dear Roger, BHG is a an index to all sorts of works about the saints. BHG 488d is listed as one of the various works about Saint Prophet Daniel and the Three Young Men. The entry for 488d reads `Epistula seu libellus Ioannis Chrysostomus`, PG 52, 459-480 (along with some other older editions: Savilius, Ducaeus, Montfaucon)

    Have a nice Sunday!


  2. Thank you very much for the info! I must look at it some time. I have never been interested in hagiography, and probably never will be, but it’s good to know of these things.

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