Eusebius update

I have just finished checking over the final PDF of the book (Eusebius of Caesarea, Gospel Problems and Solutions or Quaestiones ad Stephanum et Marinum).  It’s pretty nearly perfect.  There are two small changes to be done, both because I didn’t understand a note from the translator.  But they’re trivial.  Bob the typesetter has understood a pretty chaotic set of changes, and done them all perfectly.

I’ve written to him to ask for the last two tweaks.  I’ve also asked for .RTF files of the whole thing.  One day, remember, this will all go online.  The whole idea of this project is to make the work accessible to as many people as possible.  The RTF’s will allow me to do so.

First, tho, I have to sell some copies to libraries in order to pay for the costs so far.  These are not really huge, in the great scheme of things — perhaps $5,000? — but more than I can just treat as petty cash.  But when the sales come to an end, then we’ll get the thing online.  The book will still be available for purchase, tho — after all, it’s the sort of book which is probably best consulted in paper form.

To do, then:

  1. Decide on a cover, and get one made if need be.
  2. Get the cover to Lightning Source.
  3. Get a professional website for my company (Chieftain Publishing) up with an eCommerce solution, so people can actually buy it.
  4. Get the PDF to Lightning Source for the hardback.
  5. Get hold of the test print and check it is OK.
  6. Send the translators each a free copy.
  7. Send out the handful of other free copies that I have promised or been contractually required to supply.
  8. Send out review copies to three journals.
  9. Do whatever is necessary to make work.
  10. Make sure has the book.
  11. Email everyone on the list of “I am interested in this book”
  12. Get some kind of e-Flyer made (how?)
  13. Tell interested people that the book is available.

Hum.  There’s more things there than I had thought!  I have some free time coming up in a week, tho, so it should be possible to do a lot of these then.


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