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John Carr has emailed me:

I am starting up a small web-log with no other aim than to collect bibliographies of English translations of the fathers, both in print and online.  I’m also linking either to your ‘Additional Fathers’ page or to google books if there is a free version online.  The URL is

Do you know of another website already existent that is doing the same thing?  I don’t want to needlessly repeat anyone’s labor.  I’m only getting started so there’s not much there yet, but I will add fathers as requests come and I have time.

The dry and dusty art of bibliography is one that we all shirk, but is always useful.  I wish John all the best with his site.


One thought on “New bibliography blog

  1. is a go-to place for that, as far as I know. Fourth Century Christianity has some good stuff, too.

    Other than that, there are some patristic bibliographies scattered around the web in college syllabi and handouts (such as here, here, and a helpful packet on Augustine here). There are print bibliographies in histories of the development of doctrine (e.g. Kelly, Pelikan) and patrology handbooks (get Quasten). And if you have a JSTOR account or live near a library, you can find bibliographical “roundups” every decade or so in academic journals: e.g. here, here, here, and here.

    May God bless you in your undertaking; your success would profit the entire community.

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