From my diary

Hunting this morning online for photos that might be used for the book cover.  Boy, do some of these people want a lot of money!

I’ve also been working some more on the translation of Porphyry Ad Gaurum.

Last night I started writing a post on the “resurrection” of Dionysius.  Quite a lot of obscure references in there to examine!


3 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. I’ve finally figured it out. You’re one of those busy Renaissance men from a Victorian adventure novel, and any minute Professor Somebody will send you a Mysterious Letter from somewhere out in the desert, where you will eventually find the hidden Meroitic Coptic monastery where all the lost works of antiquity are preserved. They will greet you with, “Ah! Roger Pearse from! We were meaning to get in touch with you!” 🙂

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