Oxford Patristics Conference

Well I’ve booked my place at the Oxford Patristics Conference (Monday 8th August to Friday 12th August 2011), using the website.  The cost was less than I had feared — £256 — which is not too bad considering it includes accomodation.  But with my record on conferences and cancellations, I ought to insure it, I suspect.  I wonder how?

Accomodation seems to be going fast, tho.  I’ve ended up in Queens college, rather than Christ Church.   I don’t think I ever knew anyone there in my days at Oxford, and I don’t recall ever going there, so it will be a new experience for sure. 

UPDATE: Oops.  I seem to have only booked 1 night accomodation — poorly designed form.  Another £294 will be required, I suspect.  £550 is a much heftier sum, and will certainly need to be insured.


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