From my diary

A correspondent is helping revise the Eusebius book cover.  A problem that I am encountering is that Nick the graphic designer is using Adobe Indesign CS3, while Bob the typesetter is using CS5 and Ben who is doing the revision is doing the same.  It turns out that you can’t export from Indesign CS5 back to Indesign CS3.  That effectively makes it impossible for my team to work together on the cover.  For a piece of software costing a thousand dollars, that is very bad indeed.

So … I’ll have to compromise somewhat on the cover.  Oh well.  I don’t want to delay the book further.

I’ve been onto the Lightning Source site and rejected the first proof.  When LSI tell me what to do, and I get the revised PDF from Ben, I’ll try a second proof.

Mind you, Lightning Source charge very heavily for the proofs: $40 a go.  So you really don’t want to do this lots of times!

Personal note: I started a new job a week ago, which is rather tiring because of 8-hour days, but looks as if it will be OK.  Mind you, I really feel the extra half-hour!  The job will involve some travel as well, it turns out.  Just when it was least necessary, today I saw a house which I wanted to buy (for buy-to-rent – I’m not moving house), which means rushing around about mortgages and the like, and generally spend a lot of time talking to people one usually tries to avoid!  And my washing machine broke down!

But such is life.  “Life is what happens to you, while you are making plans to do other things”, as the saying goes.  I’m enjoying rather a lot of life, then.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to sanity, and the classics, and the fathers!


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