Eusebius update

Still trying to get the cover together.  At the moment it is one step forward, one step back!  I’ve now got the hardback and paperback covers, which look very good.  Unfortunately we have now lost in the process at least one important graphic element.  But Ben who is doing the final edits is picking up on various subtle problems that might otherwise spike the process.

The real cause of all these problems is Adobe, and the absurd prices that they demand for Adobe Indesign.  At $600 a copy, people just cannot buy it.  I can’t afford to buy it, even.  Nick the designer is forced to stick with Indesign CS3.  Bob the typesetter and Ben the editor are using CS5.  Adobe have made sure  that files cannot be exported from CS5 to CS3. 

If Indesign were cheap, I would just buy a couple of copies.  As it is, it’s like wrestling with a mass of sticky grass.

We’ll get there, I’m sure. 


One thought on “Eusebius update

  1. Considering that Geospatial software easily costs $10,000 per license, $600 isn’t so bad…

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