John the Lydian, ‘March’ from book 4 of “On the months” now online

The 6th century writer John the Lydian wrote a book De Mensibus, On the months, in which he gathered a great deal of antiquarian lore about the Roman world.  Book 4 of this work goes through the months, noting the festivals together with other information.

Some time back I commissioned a translation of “March” from book 4.  Mischa Hooker kindly undertook the work, and has done his usual splendid job.

The HTML version is here, and with luck will be mirrored at CCEL sooner or later.  The original Word .doc file is here:JohnLydusonMarch-final_version.

Both I place in the public domain; do whatever you like with  them, personal, educational or commercial.


7 thoughts on “John the Lydian, ‘March’ from book 4 of “On the months” now online

  1. Dear Dr.Pearce
    I’d like to thank you for that much needed translation.
    May I ask you if you are going to continue translating John’s works?

  2. I didn’t translate it — Andrew Eastbourne did. But yes, I hope there will be more from John the Lydian, De Mensibus. Not for a while, tho.

    Which bits did you have in mind?

  3. January – mostly becouse of the famouse passage about Praetextatus and Sopater.

  4. It’s about the pagan ritual of consecration of Constantinople. The hierophant Praetextatus mentioned there is usually identified with one of the leaders of Rome’s pagan party – Vettius Agorius Praetextatus.

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