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Over the weekend I decided to order a copy of Diogenes Laertius in the Loeb Classical Library, for purposes of personal reading.  I already had a PDF of the book, but you can’t really read a PDF.

Today the book arrived.  Interestingly there was a new introduction in it, with some interesting details about the translator, and a discussion of the work and the manuscripts by the editor of the 1960’s critical edition.  Both were useful, and very nice to have.

Another parcel of books arrived, these for light reading, and “delivered” by  the “Home Delivery Network” by the device of tossing the package over the garden gate into whatever lay on the other side.  I do wish Amazon would stop using that courier, tho.

But, more significantly, a card was on the mat indicating that the post had attempted to deliver a parcel of some heft.  That, I suspect, is the proof for the Eusebius!  Tomorrow I shall go and get it from the depot. 

Cross your fingers for me.  If the proof is OK — and it will have to be very defective for me to stop things now — then I will hit the button and put the book into print.

The inhumanly long days of my business trip last week have had their inevitable consequence, and I have been laid low with a temperature today.  Apologies to anyone who is awaiting a response to an email.

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