Bar Hebraeus, Chronicon Ecclesiasticum vol. 2 now on

I’ve just created and uploaded a PDF of the Chronicon Ecclesiasticum of Bar Hebraeus, vol.2, to  The url is here:

Many blessings on Glasgow University Library who kindly photocopied this 19th century volume for me.  It arrived this evening, so I have spent the time since productively!  It cost about 25GBP to get the copies, or around $40 (the invoice has yet to reach me, but will probably include a charge for postage).

For those not familiar with the work, the Chronicon Ecclesiasticum of Bar Hebraeus is a history of the church in a series of chapters, each covering an ecclesiastical figure.  Usually the figure is a patriarch.  The work is in two parts.  It runs up to his own time, in the 13th century.  He wrote in Syriac; the editors Abbeloos and Lamy include a simple Latin translation alongside it.

I uploaded volume 1 some years ago.  Now only volume 3 remains.  As far as I know, this 1872 edition is the only one that the work has ever received.  Yet it is the fundamental source for all Syriac studies.

I will obtain and scan volume 3 as well.  It’s too important a text to be inaccessible.  Any errors, do let me know.


2 thoughts on “Bar Hebraeus, Chronicon Ecclesiasticum vol. 2 now on

  1. Well done, my dear fellow! You have now made all of the Chronicon Ecclesiasticum easily accessible.

    I shall sacrifice fifty unblemished kids in your honour.

  2. You’re very kind. I was going to email you, but you beat me to it.

    Vol.3 isn’t online yet, tho. When I get some more energy I’ll see about doing that.

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