From my diary

I heard about elance last week, and decided to invite proposals for typesetting.  The site was not very friendly.  It demanded that I create a “job” in order to see what sort of people were available, whereas I would rather have done the opposite.  Anyway I did so.  When I started to get replies, I tried to look at them only for them to demand my credit card details, although they promised not to debit it.  Today I try to login; and they start demanding personal information, “for security”.  Can’t say I recommend this site so far.  The problem with all these sites is whether the people bidding are at all serious about doing the job well.  My experience with studentgems was that few were.

On to more useful things. 

I ordered the Loeb of Aelian’s Varia Historia yesterday.  Apparently it’s quite an interesting read of miscellaneous subjects.   I also hunted around for an English translation of Solinus, but it seems there has been none since the 16th century.


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