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Two parcels this morning from Amazon. The first one contained a print-off version of Baumstark’s handbook on Syriac literature.  I ordered this while I was working on the Encyclopedia of Syriac Literature wiki, although I had a PDF.  But I can’t read a book in a PDF.  This one will get marginal notes that help me to find my way around.

The other was Aelian’s Varia Historia

The Bar Hebraeus Chronicon Ecclesiasticum vol. 2 PDF that I uploaded to on Thursday is defective; the pages are in the wrong order!  I’ve made a new one and it is uploading as we speak.  Apologies to the 15 people who have already downloaded it.


2 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. I’ve also noticed a dozen pages where the text is cut off or not as clear as might be. I’ve written back to the library and asked for replacement copies for those pages.

    I’ve also asked them for a photocopy of volume 3!

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