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I’ve boxed up a few books that I want to send to a colleague in the EU.  Weight turns out to be around 7.5 kgs.  Prices, tho, seem prohibitive, whoever I  go to.  I mean … 110 GBP? ($160)

Perhaps the trick is to send a few at a time.  Take them out of the box, perhaps, and put them in padded envelops?  Meanwhile the box goes back on the side.  How silly this.

The installation of Omnipage 10 on my Win7 box had its due reward this morning, when my PC would not boot.  Took it off again and all was well.  Not sure how I’m going to handle that.  I do need to unpack all those old .opd files.

A box arrived from Glasgow with photocopies of Bar Hebraeus Chronicon Ecclesiasticum vol. 3, plus some replacement pages for those in vol. 2 which were damaged or less than readable.  Also an invoice for the copying for vol. 2 — the original price of 24.10 GBP had 20% tax added on — what thieves our masters have become! — and then another 5 GBP postage, making a total of $55 or thereabouts.  All that, for one book to go online.  Still, there seems no other way to get it online.

One of the CDR’s last night was unreadable, but trying again this morning when the drive is cold, it looks as if it might copy.  Most have been copied OK, thankfully.  Still more to do, and then I need to unpack the .opd’s.  A busy day lies ahead today, perhaps.


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