Death by heatstroke

Some days nothing works.  It was 30.5C outside when I came out from work, and it’s hotter than hell up here in the study room.  I was going to take my PC downstairs, where I have an aircon unit working, but today, of all days, my Wifi has decided to take a break.  After an hour and a quarter, I’ve given up and am sitting here doing what I have to do.

For some reason the hardback of the Eusebius book has dropped off — all that is accessible is the import from the US.  Will have to email them and enquire why.  Some sort of kink in the distribution chain.

Another draft of the leaflet for the book, to go in the pack at the patristics conference has arrived, but I’m too knacked to look at it.  And a nice email from someone involved in the project asking about reviews and offering to help.

Too hot to do anything this evening, I think!


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