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The Oxford Patristics Conference is now less than a month away, although it seems a lot more to me, snowed as I am in work. 

Quite by accident, I learn this evening that the abstracts have been posted online as a blog by Markus Vinzent.

The Eusebius papers to be offered are here.  At least two of the papers caught my eye: Cordula Brandt on Eusebius’ Commentary on the Psalms, Satoshi Toda on Eusebius Syriaca — a very interesting subject.  Clayton Coombs is doing something on Eusebius’ use of the optative in the Ad Marinum (Gospel Problems and Solutions), which might be a touch technical for me.  Scott Manor is attributing a quotation from Porphyry to the same work.

None of the Tertullian papers seem especially exciting to me.

Erica Hunter is doing something on the discoveries of manuscripts at Turfan, which I shall definitely go  to.

Some of the Chrysostom papers look rather interesting too.

I need to start planning my trip, I see. 

UPDATE: Scott Manor’s paper is actually on Proclus the Montanist, it turns out — the wrong abstract was posted at the conference blog.


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  1. I appreciate the note on your blog (which I greatly enjoy reading at the end of each day), but I feel I should tell you that they posted the wrong abstract online. I will not be giving the paper about Epiphanius/Porphyry/Eusebius’ Gospel Questions and Answers, but a different paper on Proclus the Montanist. -S. Manor

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