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The leaflets promoting the Eusebius book arrived, and I went up to the DHL office, opened the box and inspected them.  They’re OK — the design is good — but I’d hoped for  a higher-gloss finish.  Too late now, so I crossed DHL’s moist palm with silver, and the leaflets should be at the Patristics Conference tomorrow.  One more task done.

It looks as if the Michael Bourdeaux book that I scanned will be going online at the Keston College archive site at Baylor university.  I shall have to find out where that is!

UPDATE: The Baylor archive of materials at Keston is for Baylor people only, amazingly enough.  That means that the book won’t be visible to anyone much.

This is not good news — I didn’t spend my evenings hunched over the scanner for the benefit of Baylor University.   I’ve written back to Michael Bourdeaux and asked if the book can appear somewhere that the rest of us can see it.  In the mean time I shan’t scan any more of his stuff until I know whether I am wasting my time.


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  1. Apparently the Baylor archive IS supposed to be available. But I’ve had the OK from Michael Bourdeaux to put the book online, so I will. A post will follow when I get to it!

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