From my diary

Out after work this evening, and bought a new, disposable laptop which I can take to Oxford and lose without heartburn.  Now setting this up.  At the moment it is creating recovery disk(s), and taking ages to do so.  Next I shall have to remove all the crapware and install the stuff I want to take.  That’ll be a while!

I’ve been obtaining copies of the Mueller edition of Ibn Abi Usaibia’s dictionary of medical writers.  The interesting bit of this is Galen.

I’ve also heard back from the US library that has an English translation (unpublished) of at least part of this (in 4 vols) that they can’t possibly supply me with a copy because they don’t control the copyright.  I’ve replied with a query as to who DOES own the copyright, then.  Librarians can be so stuffy sometimes.  But the fault, of course, lies with those who don’t ensure that they are properly directed.

Volume 2 of Vermaseren’s Corpus of inscriptions and monuments about Mithras has arrived at my local library, for collection tomorrow. 

I’ve also read through Walzer’s monograph, Galen on Jews and Christians.  I need to decide what to do with this.  The Arabic quotes all come from Ibn Abi Usaibia’s chapter on Galen, it turns out, although other Arabic writers also have some of them.

I’ve also sold my first copy of the Eusebius book direct — i.e. through Chieftain Publishing, rather than through Amazon — for a kind reader in Australia.  Interestingly postage from the UK is cheaper than from the US.  It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get down under!


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