Oxford Patristics Conference: I shall be late!

I’ve gone down with a virus.  Here I am, surrounded by all the stuff necessary to go, and it’s a beautiful morning.  But I spent all of yesterday in bed, unable to move, and awoke with a temperature/headache again this morning.  Fortunately rather better today, but rather frustrated.

Maybe I shall be fit tomorrow, or maybe Wednesday.

The best laid plans of mice and men … 

Of course, if I could just drive to the college, park outside, and get a porter to help with my bags, then it would be much easier to take a chance on it and just go.  But with the “war on the private motorist” in Oxford, it’s quite another thing for someone not entirely well to drive there, park outside the centre, struggle with luggage, try to get a taxi to the college, etc etc.  

UPDATE: Feeling very bored.  There is a limit to the number of novels I can read, and I think I exceeded that yesterday.


4 thoughts on “Oxford Patristics Conference: I shall be late!

  1. Summer illnesses are no fun at all, but if you have the strength to be bored, that’s a good sign. Hope you are feeling much better tomorrow.

    When you’re sick at home, that’s a good time to listen to audiobooks. You can rest with your eyes closed while they’re on while still keeping your brain busy; and if you go to sleep that’s a bonus. I’m also fond of watching weird sports that I don’t actually follow, because if I fade in and out I don’t miss anything.

  2. Thanks for your kind thoughts. I must be getting better, I agree. Wish the headache would give up. Can’t read anything serious beyond magazines. Couldn’t even watch the 60’s “Batman” serial on the box!

  3. Well, I hope you get to Oxford. The brochure for your book, with a wonderful holiday postcard-style view of the sea and coast, was quite an eye-catcher in the bag of swag given to delegates on Monday.

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