From my diary

This evening I had another go at the web version of Brockelmann’s notes on the authors who give the history of Mohammed.  It is a mark of how bad Brockelmann’s Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur is, as an organised source for information, that I have still not managed to get the stuff into some format that I can upload.  The way in which the second edition refers to the supplement to the first, and the supplement to the first supercedes what is written in the second edition, is almost impossible to handle.

I’m making progress, tho, although I have spotted yet another area where a bit from the supplement needs to be translated and included.  It is almost impossible to reproduce what the GAL contains, tho.

I’ve also been making an effort to work with Microsoft’s Expression Web4.  It’s a lot like Dreamweaver; and, like Dreamweaver, the WYSIWYG editor is rather substandard; much less good than Microsoft FrontPage.  Unfortunately FP2000 won’t handle unicode characters very well, and the Brockelmann is stuffed to the jawline with overscores and dots and funny characters!


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