From my diary

Oh bother … the cough I have been struggling with for the last week or so, and the sensitive stomach that I have lived with for nearly three weeks, have ganged up now with a streaming cold that came on last night.  It must be holiday time!  This business of living in an organic construct is not that great an idea, sometimes.  Everyone in our office is starting to cough and choke, so I imagine we will all get it.  It will stop me doing much this weekend, I suspect.

Last night was productive, tho.   I realised that I had only 8Gb left of the 500Gb on my PC.  Where had it gone, I wondered? 

I always use WinDirStat to work out which directories are hogging the space.  In this case, I found that one working directory for an OCR task had taken some vast area of disk, and I moved it out to my two external backup hard disks.  Finereader 10 is really a disk hog! 

Another 40Gb (!) was being occupied by two Internet Explorer temporary log files, named brndlog.txt and brndlog.bak.  I also took the time to reorganise a bit, as I found multiple copies of some large PDF’s.  After an hour or so I had 89Gb spare. I also backed everything up to the two backup drives. 

Very pleased with myself after that!

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