From my diary

I’ve decided to have a go at OCR’ing Ibn Abi Usaibia myself, now I have established that the OCR quality is not really that bad.  I’ve taken the first 195 pages and divided that up into 4 Abbyy Finereader projects, of 50 pages each (well, 3 lots of 50 and one lot of 45).  I’ve also customised the English language recognition by creating a new language “English and Arabic” and adding a bunch of vowels with overscores etc to it.  It works reasonably well, I find. 

This should be a relaxing thing to work on in the coming weeks, as it gets colder.  There is no actual rush to get it done, after all.  I’ve cancelled the job I placed at — there were some good and interesting quotes, but I will enjoy doing it myself. 

But I can’t do much with it at the moment — too full of cold and too muzzy-headed today.

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