Eusebius update

This evening I had an email from a French journal, asking for a review copy of the Eusebius, Gospel Problems and Solutions book.  They seem very reputable, and I suspect the enquiry comes thanks to my friends in the Francophone world — thank you all.  I’ve placed the order, and they should get it in a fortnight.

Meanwhile this has spurred me to send 6 copies of the hardback to Les editions du Cerf.  This was part of my deal with them, for permission to use Claudio Zamagni’s Greek text.  Admittedly the copyright position on this is less clear than it was — they may not actually legally own the text (and morally they should not, in my opinion).  But I did agree to this part of the deal, and they have been very helpful and easy to deal with.  So the copies are on their way.  With luck they will encourage more interest still in French circles.

I’m reasonably happy with sales so far, in the first two months, but of course we’re nowhere near break-even point yet.  I do need to market it a bit more as well.

By the way, if you are one of those kindly people who has bought a copy, please feel free to add reviews on Amazon!


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