More on John the Lydian

I spent a bit of time this evening with the 1898 edition of John the Lydian, De mensibus, which I got from Google books.  There is no table of contents, so I opened it in Adobe Acrobat pro and went through adding bookmarks. 

The result was as follows.  It’s far more useful as a guide to the work, and made me realise how book 4 is actually the largest portion of the work, larger than books 1-3 together.  Getting a translation of book 1 (18 pages) will cost less than I paid for the March section of book 4 (23 pages).

It’s worth considering that it was a worthwhile exercise, just to edit this PDF in this fashion.  I shall also OCR the praefatio, so that I can have the assistance of automated translation tools in trying to come to grips with the transmission of the text.

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