Don’t deal with Libreria Ancora Roma

I’m getting rather impatient with an Italian bookshop who ordered a copy of my book back in July and still haven’t paid for it.   The name of the firm is “Libreria Ancora Roma”, who are in the via della conciliazione. 

Libreria Ancora — “Ancora International Bookshop”, as they called themselves — ordered it on 22 July, and I sent the order to the printer on 29 July, with an invoice. 

A month later, I emailed Libreria Ancora again on 29 August, reminding them that the invoice had not been paid.  I got an immediate reply: “we didn’t receive the invoice, therefore we couldn’t pay”.   Apparently they couldn’t chase up the non-receipt of an invoice either.

Then I emailed Libreria Ancora a second copy on 30th, with a link to Paypal.  But this time there was no reply.

On 31st, hearing nothing, I emailed again, asking if they had received the invoice.  On 1 September I got back “yes, we received the invoice, our account dept in Milano is going to pay”. 

I waited a further week and heard nothing.  So I emailed Libreria Ancora yet again on 8 September asking when they would pay.  From that day to this I have heard nothing.  Somehow I suspect that I won’t, either. 

Fortunately it is only a paperback.  I can stand the loss.  But I must admit that I had not expected it. 

But the lesson I shall learn is not to accept purchase orders.  Instead I think that I shall insist on payment in advance in future.  It makes life rather simpler all round.

UPDATE (3rd October 2011): a letter arrived today from my bank, informing me that a telegraphic transfer had been made by Libreria Ancora to my account on 29th September.  So they did pay in the end.


4 thoughts on “Don’t deal with Libreria Ancora Roma

  1. Do you meant to tell me Italians acting like this? Che sorpresa! I remember hearing stories about Italians noticing American soldiers admiring the fountains in Rome and selling the beautiful antiquity to them for a mere thousand dollars.

  2. A similar thing happened to me several years ago. A Christian bookstore (part of a national chain of Christian bookstores here in the country) ordered about six copies of my book. When I asked for payment up front, the person placing the order indicated that they wanted me to bill them. I trusted them since they were part of a well respected chain of Christian stores and sent them to them. Long story short, I have not received payment for my books and it has been I think six years now.

  3. Ancora is a reputable shop with great people. But the Italian way of doing things is different from ours. With this in mind, it looks like you were actually paid in a timely manner!

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