Plato says “Be kind”

Following the links on other blogs usually leads you to tedious nutters, although not the ones that lead here.  Obviously.

One such spin of the chamber on the roulette revolver brought me to the Bloggess blog, and this delightful post.

A friend of mine was being hassled by assholes, so I made him this card.  It’s a quote by Plato.  But updated for our times:

The original links through to a greeting card version.

You all know how I feel about “quotations” that don’t have a reference on them.  They’re usually bogus.  Nor am I the first to question this one: Quote Investigator did some digging, although he didn’t get anywhere really. 

A search on Google Books indicates nothing before the late 90’s.  Some thought it was by Philo of Alexandria.  The real origin, I fear, is lost.


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