Rochester abbey library catalogue – manuscript page online

A very useful post at the British Library manuscripts blog today gives an image of the medieval catalogue of the books owned by the Abbey of St. Andrew at Rochester.  The page is from Ms. Royal 5 B XII, and is doubtless one that was stolen by the crown when the abbeys were closed down at the Reformation.

These catalogues of medieval libraries are often very imperfectly published, and there is nothing like seeing the actual page!  The Rochester page (f.2r) in fact lists the books owned by the abbey, starting with works by Augustine; then by Gregory the Great; then by Ambrose of Milan; then Jerome / Hieronymus; then the Venerable Bede; and then miscellaneous other books, including a lectionary, a passionary, a homiliary, some saints’ Lives, decretals, and others which I can’t make out. 

But what we all want to see, of course, are the complete mss. online.


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