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My posts on the works of Methodius in Old Slavonic here and here have attracted a wealth of learned comment, for which many thanks.

Mikhail Vedeshkin kindly left links to online Russian resources about Methodius.

Here you can find a few works of Methodius translated into modern Russian.

“The feast of 10 virgins or about virginity”

“About the freedom of will or against the Valentinians”

“About Resurrection or against Origen”

“About creation or against Origen”

Thanks to Google translate, I learn a little more from the first link.    It lists works of Methodius in Greek and Slavonic.  Then it continues:

Translations into Russian from these languages.

Methodius, bishop of Patara. His collected works // Trans. ed. Е. Lovyagin. – St. Petersburg, 1877.  The same: 2d ed. – St. Petersburg, 1905.

Some published Arch. Michael (Chub) in the collection “Theological Works» (№ №. 2, 3, 10, 11)

The existence of the Lovyagin book (in two editions) is new and useful.  I’m not quite sure whether the Old Slavonic text is printed, or just a Russian translation.  Nor am I sure where a copy of these volumes might be found.  I have a feeling from Google that “E. Lovyagin” might be “Evgraf Lovyagin”, of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy.  This rather dodgy-looking site tells me:

1822 – 1909), Professor of St. Petersburg Theological Academy. Major works: “On the merits of St. Athanasius to the church in the fight against Arians” (St. Petersburg, 1850) and “On the relation of the classical writers of the Bible on the outlook of Christian apologists (St. Petersburg, 1872, dissertation). His articles theological, , . prepared editions of the monuments of Christian literature, . part in the original text, . with Russian introductions and explanations, . part in the translation from the original text, . as well as the execution of transfers are listed by Professor AI,. Garden in the article: “Professor E.I. Lovyagin “(” Christian Herald “in 1909,” 15, (obituary Lovyagin).

I find, indeed, that a search for “Lovyagin” in COPAC produces results, and Evgraf Ivanovitch (Евграфа Ловягина) does indeed seem to be our man.  Sadly none of the results are the Methodius volume.  A search in the LOC catalogue for “Lovyagin” produced no results at all!  Nor did a search at the BNF.  I wonder, perhaps, whether there is some other way of anglicising his name?

The page continues with a useful overview of all the works, and with some references.

Writings that have come down to us only in short fragments.

Lovyagin, 1877, p.252-259.  Against Porphyry, and On the martyrs.

There are then two more works, which the page labels as probably apocryphal, on Palm Sunday and on the Presentation of the Lord.  These are given from the 1905 edition of Lovyagin (p.161-170) and the 1996 “Library of the Fathers and doctors of the Church. Creation St. Gregory the Miracle Worker and St. Methodius bishop and martyr. – M. Palmer, 1996” (Библиотека отцов и учителей Церкви. Творения св. Григория Чудотворца и св. Мефодия епископа и мученика. – М.: Паломник, 1996.) which must be a reprint as regards Methodius.

This is a rather splendid site, and with a great number of texts in Russian, including Euthymius Zigabenus, Epiphanius’ Panarion — neither of which we have in English. 

I would draw attention to this page, or rather the Google translate version here, where the site author, the excellent Sergei Pavlov, asks for help in locating copies of various patristic texts in Russian.  (There is an email address there too, in bitmap form of course).  It doesn’t seem as if he has a copy of the Lovyagin book(s). 

I realise that I don’t know of a reliable source for Russian books in PDF form (or, indeed, any other).

In other news I have had an email back from one of my enquiries, telling me of a British professor of Slavicist studies, who might be able to help with a translation or know someone who can.  I will wait until I have the text in my hands before contacting him.


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  1. The Lovyagin book, apparently, may be found here:
    (although I can’t download it from where I live – France).
    Here are two sites of Russian nineteenth-century books in pdf: (the creator of this site gives links to all that is in Russian on Google Books, unfortunately not to Lovyagin’s book), and this one, the Russian State Library in Moscow; there is a wealth of material there too, but not Lovyagin either.

  2. @adshkute, thank you very much for the links! The Google books entry is just an empty entry, or so it seems; at least, I couldn’t download it either. Maureen, can you see it and see if there is a PDF there to download?

  3. All I got was “no preview” and nothing, which seems ridiculous with that old of a book.

    I did find a transcription of an article of his about Ss. Cyril and Methodius, through the Wikipedia article about the author….

  4. Worldcat (under Loviagin instead of Lovyagin) lists 2 copies in the US: one at the University of Chicago; and one at Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary, in Jordanville, New York.

  5. As before, your comments are invaluable – thank you! I’ve got hold of Vaillant now – thank you. Likewise the location of a couple of copies of Lovyagin / Loviagin. I think I might contact them and see if I can buy a copy. It must be out of copyright.

  6. I’ve written to the University of Chicago library asking if I could buy a copy of their book. Let’s see what they say.

    They have the 1905 2nd edition, which is the one we want. Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary have the 1877 edition, which would do at a pinch.

    Author: Methodius, of Olympus, Saint, d. 311.
    Uniform Title: Works. Russian. 1905
    Title: Sv︠i︡atyĭ Meḟodīĭ, episkop i muchenik, ote︠t︡s ︠t︡serkvi III-go v︠i︡eka : polnoe sobranīe ego tvorenīĭ / perevedennykh s grecheskago pod redak︠t︡sīe︠i︡u Evgrafa Lov︠i︡agina.
    Edition: Izd. 2-e.
    Imprint: S.-Peterburg : I.L. Tuzov, 1905.
    Description: 287 p. ; 27 cm.
    Notes: Translation from Greek.
    Subjects: Theology — Early works to 1800.
    Other authors or contributors: Lov︠i︡agin, Evgraf Ivanovich, 1822-1909.

  7. I think the same manuscripts apply for all the works of Methodius: it sounds as if it is a collection, which was copied from Greek as a whole.

  8. If you still need the Богословские труды (Bogoslovskie Trudy, Theological works) articles you may found them as pdf versions at their site
    i.e. try this link

    The main manuscript bishop Mikhail (Chub) uses – according to the 1961 article – is Q.I.265, kept in the Russian National Library at Saint-Petersburg (previously both the Library and the city had diferent names).

    Thanks for the info in your posts and hope this would be useful for you as they were useful for me!

  9. Gosh, I didn’t know that they were online anyway! I actually made a journey and made PDF’s of my own! But I am grateful to know that these things are accessible on the web. That is excellent news!

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