From my diary

I’m continuing to scan the History of physicians by Ibn Abi Usaibia.  I’ve done another 40 pages lately, which takes us up to 288.  But we’re still only about a third of the way through.

I’ve had a possible bid at to translate Methodius De lepra; the first bid was too high, but we’re much closer now.  It’s still more than I ever wanted to pay, but I’m willing to give it a go, so long as the quality is there.

The sales figures for November for Amazon for Eusebius: Gospel Problems and Solutions have arrived.  14 copies were sold through and  My company also sold a few copies directly.  It seems that sales are gradually increasing each month, which is good.  There’s quite a delay between the orders being placed and money reaching me — at least 3 months — but the money for June and July has now arrived.  Of course those months were early days and the sales were fairly small numbers, but at least some money is now coming in.  It’s fairly clear, though, that by 5th April the project will still be in debit, but perhaps not by as much as I had feared. 

So, if you need a Christmas present for the patristic scholar in your life, why not buy him a copy at or  (sorry to bang the drum a little: I’m not that good at this marketing stuff, but even I know that Christmas is coming).

A correspondent has been pointing out various errata and corrigenda in the GCS page that I’ve set up.  I must look some more at this.

If the sun ever comes out — it’s been dull here for five days now — I shall do a trip up to Cambridge University Library.


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