From my diary

Today has been dedicated to life’s little chores.  But there is a little news.

Last night I did some more OCR on Ibn Abi Usaibia.  We passed the page 320 mark.

I’m still negotiating to translate Methodius, De Lepra from the mixture of German and Greek that Bonwetsch printed in GCS 27.  The price is quite a bit higher than I wanted, but I’ll find the money for this one and treat it as an experiment.

I’ve also done a bit of work on the GCS page.  A correspondent has pointed out that there is a way to download the volumes from the Polish library as a single .djvu file, rather than a zip file of myriads of pages.  This works (not in IE8 tho — I got it working in Firefox 5), and I’m redownloading some of the files now.


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