Problems with Abbyy Finereader 11

Tonight I realised that I was getting close to the end of one section of Ibn Abi Usaibia, and that the next 350 pages was in sight.  I thought that it might be a good idea to create a Finereader project for those pages, and run the optical character recognition on them, and do a few global search-and-replaces.

So far I have been working with Finereader 10, although I did a small experiment with Finereader 11 when I got it.  But this new chunk is an obvious break-point to move up.

I started up Finereader 11, and attempted to import my settings — primarily my custom English-Arabic language setting — from FR10.  This promptly crashed.

I restarted FR11, and after a bit of fiddling recreated the language and saved it.  I then opened the PDF with the 350 files, which was fine.

Then I OCR’d the lot.  This seemed to go OK; and then started popping up horrible-looking internal error messages.  In fact it just would not allow me to view the “read” pages.

I ended up going back to FR10, which is running at the moment.  Doubtless I have done something wrong, but it is troublingly easy to crash FR11.


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