Ibn Abi Usaibia update

I’ve just finished proofing the OCR for page 900.  I think there is only another 50 pages to go.  There may be some pages of footnotes after that, but not very many.

UPDATE: Page 946 complete, which is the end of the main text, although it ends suddenly and without any colophon which makes me suspicious that we don’t have it all.  There are 62 pages of notes to follow, which seem to annotate the first 100 pages of the text.  I’ll start in on these.

UPDATE: The notes pages are proving very difficult to proof.  Not sure why.  Drat!

UPDATE: I think I’ve got it, by setting the text box zoom size in Abbyy Finereader 10 to rather smaller than I was using before, and the text font size somewhat larger.  Why I should need to do this, for what is essentially the same images, I don’t know.

I’ve done a couple of pages.  Let’s hope it will be possible to tie these notes back to the main text.  Interestingly it looks as if Kopf, the translator, made pencil alterations to quite a few of the notes.  Unfortunately they are almost entirely illegible.

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