Ibn Abi Usaibia update

A day of misery.  I hate footnotes.  Particularly those which are positioned in some other place than the foot of each page of text.  If the notes were just a little less useful, and the work that I am scanning was accessible in any other way, then I probably wouldn’t bother.

UPDATE: 259 footnotes so far.  My bones hurt.

UPDATE:  Went out to get chocolate — the only answer.  But I get to note 274, and discover again the missing page in the footnotes.  This is not good news.  I’ve been numbering all the notes consecutively; with an unknown number of notes on the missing page, I can’t number (and so can’t link up) the remaining notes.  Oh sugar!  Nor do I really want to put this to one side, and pick it up in 6 weeks time.  I hope to be very busy at that time.  I shall have to consider.

UPDATE: OK, the answer is to split the book into three sections.  All the footnotes which involve the missing bit are in section 1 (chapters 1-5); the others have only incidental notes.  I’ve done this now, and indeed uploaded them.  What I need to do now is write a preface to the thing.  Since I know nothing about Ibn Abi Usaibia, this means reading Brockelmann.  I might defer this to tomorrow, tho.


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