Lanciani’s Forma Urbis Romae

For some years I have been aware that a detailed modern map of ancient Rome existed, with the modern street layout superimposed on it.  Bits of it cropped up in this publication or that, but never referenced.  Quite by accident this evening I found out what it was — Rudolpho Lanciani’s Forma Urbis Romae, a collection of plates published between 1893-1901.

Parts of it are online here, although I must confess that I’d really like to see PDF’s of the whole plates.  If you burrow into that site, you do get to some decent JPG’s.


6 thoughts on “Lanciani’s Forma Urbis Romae

  1. If it’s from before Mussolini the layout of the city will be rather much changed unfortunately, although it is still an intersting document. I wonder if anyone has made a modern equivalent ? After all whith computers today it might even be rather easy to do…

  2. The full tables were published both in raster/vector on this site though I just tried and links are broken!

    I own a full copy (46 tables) of the original book printed 1893-1901 (there is a reprint of 2007 by Quasar)
    Never intended to sell it as it is a wonderful piece of art!, but cannot tell I’m not curious how much it is worth.
    Most copies are in libraries around the world.

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