Blogging about the Fathers is like seeing airships over Jerusalem


Airship Graf Zeppelin in 1931

The site explains:

Two lengthy flights to the Middle East were conducted by the Graf Zeppelin in 1929 and 1931.  The ship’s flight over Jerusalem in 1929 took place at night, and no pictures of the ship were taken.  But the flight in 1931, in daylight, was photographed by the American Colony photographers and by an Armenian photographer in Jerusalem, Elia Kahvedjian.

Mail sacks were supposed to have been dropped from the Graf Zeppelin over Jerusalem, Haifa and Jaffa.  The airships did not moor in Palestine but flew from Germany to Cairo, then over Palestine and then back to Germany.  The flight took 97 hours and traversed some 9,000 kilometers over 14 countries.

I looked to see if there were any images online of the supersonic airliner Concorde in Palestine — it did fly to Amman at least once — but in vain.


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