Abbyy Finereader 11 – a dog indeed?

I’ve scanned and uploaded two books by Michael Bourdeaux here.  The Faith on Trial in Russia volume in particular is important reading for the persecution of the Russian baptists in the USSR.

I’ve been working on Gorbachev, Glasnost & The Gospel, one of the late Keston volumes.  I scanned the pages using Finereader 8 — the last version that allowed me to drive my Opticbook 3600 at 400 dpi.  I scanned the photos and the cover in Finereader 11; and then I imported the image files from FR8 into FR11.

But it isn’t working out that well.  In fact I am giving up and going back to Finereader 10, which I used earlier today for Faith on Trial in Russia.  Because it gives odd spelling errors: a word ending in “tly ” like “currently ” will be given as “currendy”.  That wastes time.  Worse, it has decided to treat 100 pages as “Batnan” font — which looks a lot like Courier.  I don’t want to go through every page fixing that.

So I’m exporting the images and going back.  Wish me luck!

UPDATE: In fairness, I’m finding the same -dy problem in FR10.  It must be the rather odd font in use.  But much else is still better in FR10.  Words in italics are bolded in FR11; not in FR10.  The pages in Batnan are not so in FR10.  Hmm.

On the other hand, it is good that FR11 highlights “words” that aren’t in  the  dictionary — that really does help in spotting errors.


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