Searching for Lommatzsch

I’m going through the Greek fragments of Origen’s works on Ezekiel at the moment.  The first thing I need to do is to get straight in my head just where all of them come from.  The translator has done a marvellous job of assembling material, but I got very confused from the emails, both at the time and afterwards.  The fault was entirely mine, in that I didn’t gather all the primary materials myself.

The real source for most of them is Migne, PG 13 (1862), cols. 662-826.  Migne reprints an edition by the Maurist editor, Charles Delarue.  But … the GCS editor, Baehrens, who printed the Latin text plus some Greek fragments, had no access to Delarue.  So he used a reprint by Carl Lommatzsch. 

Confused?  That, dear friends, is a clear explanation, compared to what I started with this afternoon!

I’d like to look at these editions and make sure.  Google books has some volumes of Lommatzsch’s edition, but, bless them, have the lot!  Lommatzsch vol. 14 is, therefore, right here.  It looks exactly like Migne.

What I really want is De la Rue’s volume, but it doesn’t seem to be on Google books.


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