More Origen Update

Further to my post earlier today, the 7th homily of Origen on Ezekiel is now done, complete.  That was a very quick turnaround, thankfully.  We should have about an hour’s worth of formatting on homilies 8-14, and then an unspecified (but hopefully short!) period of checking the Latin text of 8-14 for typos. 

I, for my sins (which are evidently considerable), get to compare 8-14 with the existing translation (which I shall do tomorrow).  And then, really, the book is done.  The translator will write his own preface, of course, but that won’t hold anything up.

What I shall have to do after that is typesetting.  This is done in Adobe InDesign, and I shall have to get a copy and see if I can work it out. 

Because the rival translation came out in 2010, I don’t really expect to make any money on this volume.  So I hope to keep costs to a minimum!  That means doing more myself.


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