Glenn Myers, Life Lessons : life-changing stories for Christian growth

Over the last few days, I have been reading life lessons: life-changing stories for christian growth, ed. Glenn Myers, Christian Focus, 2010.  It’s a slim paperback, less than 100 pages.  It consists of ten chapters, in each of which someone reflects on their life, and how God has worked in it.

It’s been enormously helpful to me, because it’s real.  These are people who have had real problems.  They have not always overcome them, but had to learn to live with them.  Yet they all know God, and are faithful to him.

It’s also easy to read, and intelligent.

I won’t give a link to an online shop.  Go to your Christian bookshop and support them by buying or ordering it.  It will do you good.

All of us need something to aspire to.  Books of Christian testimony can sometimes be a little corny, or superficial.  This one is gold.


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