From my diary

I’ve been in Iceland for the last few days.  Wonderful!

UPDATE: I didn’t say anything in advance because I didn’t think that I ought to announce in advance that I was away.   The web of today is not the friendly place of five years ago, sadly. 

Now I’m not sure that my adventures in Iceland are really relevant to this blog, but if I wake up tomorrow, I might stick up a photo or two.  It was the best holiday that I have had for years — a much needed complete break.

The Origen book is still going ahead, and with luck the text will be pretty much complete soon.  I also need to pay some attention to a proposal.  Finally a reader has sent me some rather good material with permission to put it up here.  So there will be stuff when I am fit to get to it.  I still have some things to do offline, however, so expect patchy blogging for a while yet.

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  1. I’d love to — just didn’t want to bore. I had a try, and the first picture wouldn’t upload — too large! Will attack it tomorrow. There are some good ones!

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