From my diary

I’ve been preparing for my forthcoming trip to Israel by getting dollars and shekels etc.

One thing that has amused me rather is that, after arriving in Jerusalem at 5am on an overnight flight, we’re taken sightseeing!  There is quite a full programme for the day, with a break mid-morning at the hotel.  That sounds a little odd to me — most of us will be dead from not-sleeping on the plane.  Methinks the organisers have got a little over-enthusiastic!

The Origen book is going great guns, and I think it must be pretty much complete, as far as text and translation go.  I need to review it, and see precisely where we are, but couldn’t do it today.  Tomorrow I have a Rather Important Interview, but with luck I’ll have time to do something afterwards.

The snow here is interfering with Christian events locally, but I have managed to attend a few.  Some have been blessed; others decidedly not!  Such is life.


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