— more thieving Italians

I don’t know why Italian booksellers are dishonest.  But I have received precisely two orders for my book from them, and in both cases they did not feel any obligation to actually pay for the book.

Thief of the week is  Licosa ordered a book from me at the start of November 2011.  I sent it, promptly, together with an invoice.  The invoice went unpaid.

Six weeks later I sent a reminder.  There was no answer from Licosa.

Today I have written again to tell them that I propose to name and shame them.  So here is it: Licosa are dishonest.

German companies are honest.  But I shall not be accepting any further orders from Italian booksellers without cash up front.

UPDATE: My letter demanding payment and threatening a post like this one has produced a reply, that the matter will be handed to someone or other.  Humpf.


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  1. Sounds about right! Along with the Italian car rental companies,and the all to common short changing technique when buying something. Remember in italy “FURBO” is a virtue.

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