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I’m rather busy with other things, but I’ve done some work on OCR-ing the translation of Theodoret’s commentary on Romans from the Christian Remembrancer of 1839.  The 1840 volume of that serial has still not become available to me, unfortunately, in which the remainder of the translation probably appears.

It’s a wearisome business, in truth.  The energy with which I scanned materials, ten years ago, has departed.  Clearly I shall not be scanning huge amounts of texts in future.  However did I do it, in the past?  I must have been young and foolish.

This dislike is made worse by all the thee’s and thou’s.  The text, unless read carefully and mentally retranslated into modern English as you go, quickly becomes unintelligible.  And I’m not reading it that carefully — I’m correcting OCR errors. 

Oh well.  I’m about half way through the 1839 portions of the text.  I admit that I shall be relieved when I get to the end.


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  1. The 1840 issues of the Christian Remembrancer are available on microfilm/microform at many major universities, although not anywhere close enough that I can drop by and make copies. You’ll be wanting reel 773, it looks like, from what Ohiolink has in its catalog.

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