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I’ve been working on OCR’ing Theodoret’s Commentary on Romans, from the 1839 issue of the Christian Remembrancer.  I’m most of the way through this, although no clue as yet to the translator.  Notes are by a certain “E.B.”

A kind correspondent has sent me PDF’s of the rest of the commentary, which appeared in the 1840 issue.  These, unfortunately, were digitised at a very low resolution and do not OCR very well.  I can’t say that I am looking forward to dealing with those very much.

One comment by Theodoret has struck me so far:

For they who live in idle ease, and will not undergo the labours of virtue, cry out even against God Himself, for imposing this commandment.

In our day, that is a very familiar sight, isn’t it?


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  1. So do I! I’ve mentally resolved to have a hunt through the 1839 volume and see if I can find any clues.

    It’s an interesting issue, isn’t it? The Oxford Movement lads were often reluctant to sign their stuff — notoriously Charles Marriot — and doubtless holy modesty was the reason, a desire to give without return. But it makes difficulties for those of us today who need to reference the things. Did they do right?

  2. I doubt if the method will be useful to your quest, but this article is interesting: Jordan, Ellen, Hugh Craig & Alexis Antonia, ‘The Bronte Sisters and the Christian Remembrancer : A Pilot Study in the Use of the “Burrows Method” to Identify the Authorship of Unsigned Articles in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press’, Victorian Periodicals Review 39: 1, Spring 2006, pp. 21–45

  3. That’s a good question. I wonder if the translator of Theodoret’s commentary ever imagined that nearly 200 years later we would be wondering who he was? I did notice where Rev. C. Marriot had worked on the original language edition of Theodoret’s commentary on Romans for the Library Of Fathers series. Now if we could just find that missing translation of Theodoret’s “Compendium of Heresies” 🙂

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