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My days have been busy with personal business, but I did manage to get back to OCR’ing Theodoret’s Commentary on Romans

It’s rather anaemic, tho.  I reached the portion where Paul advises submission to worldly authorities this evening.  Now the pressure on Christians to conform to whatever anti-Christian demand gay lobbyists dream up is reaching fever pitch here, so it would be very interesting to hear an early Christian exegesis of this passage.  But Theodoret simply ignores the issue of what it  means to submit to an anti-Christian power.  Is there an extant patristic exegesis worth reading on this passage, I wonder?

A couple of kind people have purchased CDROM’s of the Additional Fathers collection, which helps replenish the translation fund.  It’s quite flat now, after the Origen purchases.  But I can top it up once I go back to work.

And back to work I jolly must go; a week on Monday, no less.  I’d appreciate prayer for this, as I know not the person for whom I shall be working, nor what the role involves, nor what sort of conditions. 

I’m considering rather seriously whether the Lord is asking me to look at a change of direction, and indeed possibly a change of town.  But I’ll post on this separately, if I consider it right, and interesting to others.  I’ve worked in more or less the same way for the last 15 years, and it’s been very isolating, I now realise.  The Lord has been busy in my life — with a baseball bat — and I have a sense that I am at a cross-roads, in several senses. 


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  1. I did a quick search. Tertullian uses a portion of Romans 13 in Scorpiace (chap 14), though that is part of a theme as I’m sure you know. You might look at John Chrysostom’s homilies on Romans. Augustine also apparently has thoughts on it.

    Life changes can be unsettling whether forced or voluntary. I am thankful, though, that the Lord has been gracious in opening something new for me, from software to project management at the same company–not quite as drastic as you infer. I will gladly pray for your new assignment and further decisions.

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