“Tertullian Tracts” … what can these be?

A correspondent wrote as follows:

Do you know of any writings by Tertullian call the “Tertullian Tracts”?

They supposedly deal with early church mediumship or spiritualism or spirit contact of prior believers who died.

I did not, of course, but a certain amount of cross-examination revealed that we were discussing a line on the following site, giving a list of books and links:


To anyone who writes to me: do give me all the facts, hey?  Don’t make me drag out of you just which site you are referring to, and so on?! 

Anyway, in the section “Mediumship and Mediums”, there is the curious item:

Tertullian Tracts – very early Christian practice of spirit communion

The link is to a Geocities site “tertulliancyrian”, which must be a typo.  I quickly saw that it had to be:


Of course GeoCities no longer exists.  But the material we are seeking is preserved in the internet archive here:


This consists of excerpts from one of the treatises of Tertullian, “De ieiunio adversus psychicos”, in which he discusses Montanist claims to revelation.  None of this material has anything whatever to do with mediumship (!) or any spirit other than the Holy Spirit.


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