Trying to find a 1922 publication in Google books – for my US readers

I’m trying to locate a copy of E. A. Lowe and E. K. Rand, A sixth century Fragment of the Letters of Pliny the Younger, 1922, in Google Books.  The date means that in the US it is out of copyright. There are pages from it in Hathi, which bear the mark of Google Books and the University of Michigan.  (A correspondent has sent me a PDF he made himself from them)  So the PDF must exist in Google Books.  But I can’t find a downloadable copy.

Would any of my readers in the USA care to have a look, and post a URL in the comments, if they can find it?

What I want to know, of course, is whether it’s just me, living outside the US, or whether it is genuinely inaccessible.


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  1. OK. I was bored tonight. I didn’t know whether this would work, but thought I’d try. I took the html document from the Project Gutenberg site and, using Office 2007, saved it as a pdf. There are two copies uploaded to my webpage. One (pliny.pdf) retains all the Project Gutenberg notes at the beginning of the document and the other (pliny2.pdf) deleted these notes for better formatting of the final product. The latter came out pretty well, I think. You can download from the following links:

    Oh, I keep forgetting to mention. I live in Berlin, Germany.

  2. I live in the USA. I searched for “A sixth century Fragment of the Letters of Pliny the Younger” (in quotation marks) and found a “snippet view” entry (as well as a few “no preview” entries) of what I presume is the document you mention.

    It’s possible that your correspondent caught the book at a time when Google had made it available but it has since been removed.

  3. Sometimes (!fingers crossed!) this works: use a proxy to go to (NOT what you want) but to Google homepage!! Then search Google Books. The results can be quite different. But by now Gxxgle will probably have blocked this route…

  4. @J.W., thank you! As you say, it may be that Google did something odd. But it is useful to confirm that even a US reader can’t find it.

  5. Thanks Craig and Gary, although it’s the original that I was looking for, and mainly to check whether it was actually there or not.

  6. Roger:

    If you want to download single pages from the link
    quoted by Steve Perishohttp, you can use the link,
    where xx is replaceb by a number from 01 to 97. For instance, to download the first page you can use:

    In order to automatically download all the pages you can use the DownThemAll complement for Firefox:
    For this pupose, the url to input in DownThemAll, should be:

  7. Roger:

    With respect to my last comment, the the last item of the url for DownThemAll should be:

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